Monday, 24 April 2017

6 weeks old

17th of April 2017 -6 weeks old

Tiny little pink with mum Ritzy
18th of April: Fun with boxes and other stuff

19th of April:

Just one single ear left out of 12 to stand up now
20th of April:

21st of April:
Little pink fighting her way in to the food. She gets extra meals on her own now.

22nd of April:
Look, we slot together like laminated flooring!

23rd of April: Timmy came to visit again
 For a 2 year old, most of the pups are now too strong with really sharp teeth, but pink made a perfect companion.


Monday, 17 April 2017

5 weeks old

10th of April 2017; 5 weeks old today

Spot the odd one out.......
11th of April
 The collars are becoming a problem. Some were taken off by the other pups -which I want to avoid as with the last litter two collars were chewed up and swallowed. One got caught on the pen. So from here on, in some photos some but not all of the pups have collars (they are microchipped now so can be told apart easily, plus we recognise them) and eventually none have.
13th of April
 Pink still half normal size but she doesn't let that stop her.

14th of April

16th of April
 Trying to get photos of the smallest (pink) and the biggest (red) together was easier said than done!

Various pics inside and outside the pen. The pups do spend time outdoors every day as well, of course.

 Purple tugging
 "I'm sure there is a ball here" -purple again
"Nope, couldn't find it"