Friday, 24 March 2017

2 weeks old

20th of March 2017 -2 weeks old today

21st of March - Pink manages some feeding on her own

22nd of March

                                                  Pink is still half the size of the others

 23rd of March

24th of March: 18 days old

Purple's new mummy Bianca left some toys

25th of March 2017, pups 2 weeks 5 days old: We have been having really bad internet problems for ages now and so the updates are late -sorry. I'm having to use mobile broadband to finally get the latest photos up.

 Look at the size difference between purple and pink -and purple isn't the biggest, but the second smallest!
 Pink needed a bit of handfeeding to properly get the idea of what to do. Her teeth took longer to break through than those of her siblings, and she wanted to suck food rather than chew it.

Vesper the cat joins in
 Timmy came to visit. "Aww cute!" he keeps saying.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

One week old

Monday the 13th of March 2017, the pups are now one week old.

Green's collar came off and was chewed by Ritzy so he currently is collar less.
14th of March, 8 days old. Pink is finding it difficult to fight with her much bigger siblings for the milk bar. (She is gaining weight every day though.)
But with a bit of a helping hand Pink manages to get a turn.

16th of March 2017 -10 days old

 Spot Pink in there!

17th of March; 11 days old

 We took Pink aka Bambi to the vet, together with Purple as comparison. We needed to know that there was nothing obvious wrong with her. The vet spent a long time examining her, checked her heart etc, and said he could find nothing obviously wrong at all, so it would not hurt her for us to keep trying to rear her. He was quite surprised at just how strong she is! He opened her mouth to check for cleft palate (which I do at birth anyway) and almost could not open it.
 Just 11 days old but Pink needs feeding up, so we gave the pups the choice of whether they wanted to try solid food or not. Pink said YES PLEASE! (Chicken mince with added puppy milk.)

18th of March, 12 days old:
 It's a tough life
 Eyes starting to open
 Very comfy Pink sleeping on me

More food
19th of March; 13 days old
 Red has her eyes open (the flash always make puppy eyes look bad)
 We moved the pen to the other side of the room. Granny Rona says she'd like to babysit.

All asleep.

 My grandson Timmy (aged 2) came to visit

And the pups had more food

Vesper the cat came for some chicken too