Saturday 13 May 2017

7 weeks old and onwards -off to our new homes

This is a very late update, sorry. The internet connection was simply unusable.

24th of April 2017  the pups turned 7 weeks old

26th of April: 7 weeks 2 days old

We know how to get outside now, and often get fed there. So we're in a hurry to get out! But Pink is too little to jump down the step so she has to be carried out.

FOOD !!!!
 And then we go to toilet

27th of April:
Same day; Thursday the 27th of April 2017:

What are we doing in here? All of us in one cage, in the van??
 We went for a journey and then we arrived somewhere called "THE VETS"

It wasn't bad. Bit boring. Took a loooong time so we fell asleep eventually. All of us had a check by the vet. Our microchips were checked, we all had clean ears, coats and eyes, the boys all had two testicles and we all had good hearts. Nothing wrong with anyone so we got a paper to say so.
We were still tired when we got back home

On the 28th of April, Orange was the first pup to leave. He had a long journey all the way down to Cornwall. His name is KYTE. He's going to grow up to be an agility dog. Here he is in his new home with his new friends:

The second pup to leave was also on the 28th; Green. His name is MERLIN and he went to live in Greater Manchester. He's going to have a busy life going caravanning with his new friend. Here is Merlin:

Four pups were left on the 30th of April:

Then on the 30th Black went to live in Kent. His name is CEDAR. Here he is with his new friend:

Little and large on the 30th: 
Pink and Red. Pink is staying longer as she is so small, and she has a very long journey ahead of her. Her name is INCA. Red is staying here! It took me a long time to decide on a name for her. It had to begin with an R, as her mother is Ritzy, grandmother Rona, great grandmother Rio, great great grandmother Ripley -and Ripley's mother was called Roo! After a few changes we settled on RILEY. She is a big pup, in many ways very similar to great great granny, but there can never be another Ripley -she was one in a million. So Riley is Ripley with something little missing -the P!

On the 1st of May, Purple went to her new home in North Yorkshire. She's going to try her paw at showing and working trials. Her name is FIRE, and this is her in her new home:

The two remaining, Inca and Riley, the same day:

4th of May: